24 September 2015


Studio_Leigh commission artists to make functional products to encourage a more varied engagement with art, particularly in the home. The range of works being presented tonight is pretty spectacular. I'm presenting a perfume. 

Hyperreal Flower Blossom, installed at Studio Leigh
Artists involved include: Matt Ager, Aaron Angell, Cecile B. Evans, Harry Burden, Rhys Coren, Nicholas Deshayes, Mark Essen, Adham Faramawy, Ophelia Finke, Joe Frazer, Richard Gasper, Elias Hansen & Blake Hudson, Nicholas Hatfull, Richard Healy, Phillipa Horan, Allison Katz, Andy Mealor, Christian Newby, Laurence Owen, Marco Palmieri, Florence Peake, Mary Ramsden & Joh Robertson, Ariane Schick, Marianne Spurr & France-Lise Macgurn

4 Garden Walk