12 March 2016

Trading Places

As part of a project called Trading Places (named after the Eddie Murphy movie!) I was commissioned by Create to make an advert for a Tower Hamlets based business, to go up as a building hoarding on a site that's being redeveloped by British Land. 

The project is about the tensions arising as the City encroaches on its much less affluent, much more residential neighbouring borough.

The project was a little fraught but has no been installed on Norton Folgate, between Bishopsgate and Shoreditch High Street, opposit Broadgate Tower.

The piece advertises a 3D printed jewelery company called Wonderluk and explores the use of digital images in setting up hoardings as propositions embedded with the implicit threat of the dislocation of communities.

The advert hangs between works by artists Gillian Wearing and Peter Liversidge. View the works below or onsite.

Sakura wears Kaleidoscope bracelet by Wonderluk