1 May 2014

Hatton Gallery

I just got sent some images of Hayward Touring's show Pre Pop to Post Human, a print show I'm included in, currently installed at Hatton Gallery in Newcastle. The print works in this show took Eduardo Paollozi's Bunk series as a point of departure and are installed alongside them.

The two aqua green prints on the left are my work
Wet Look / Dry Wall, 2013

Anthea Hamilton

Edouardo Paolozzi

Edouardo Paolozzi

Edouardo Paolozzi

Artists exhibited include: 

Pio Abad, Marie Angeletti, Helen Carmel Benigson, Gabriele Beveridge, Steve Bishop, Bryan, Dooley, Adham Faramawy, Anthea Hamilton, Nicholas Hatful, Eloise Hawser, Jack Lavender, Harry Meadows, Berry Patten, Peles Empire, Samara Scott