28 January 2013


This is TomorrowRhizome and Mousse all did write ups of the recent Chimera Q.T.E. exhibition at Cell Projects in East London, take a look.

Adham Faramawy, Violet Likes Psychic Honey 2, installed at Chimera Q.T.E. Cell Project Space

Here is some video documentation of the installation on Vimeo

Violet Likes Psychic Honey 2 from Adham Faramawy on Vimeo.

Installation shot, Chimera Q.T.E. Cell Projects

Travess Smalley, Alta Dark, 2012

Jack Lavender, Glasses Tree, 2012

Nicolas Deshayes, Salts, 2012

Berry Patten, The Dream is Kournikova, 2012

Cornelia Baltes, Baccara, 2012

Oliver Sutherland, Waving, 2012

Sabrina Ratté, Age Maze, 2011

Installation shot, Chimera Q.T.E. Cell Projects