15 August 2019

Tate Britain

I have a screening coming up on 12/09/2019 at Tate Britain. It's titled Skin Flicks and will include archival works and the premiere of a new video.

9 August 2019

The Congress

My screening series Porous Bodies starts with Ari Folman's, The Congress starring Robin Wright. 

Booking details:

Porous Bodies

I'm doing a screening series as part of the research for my fellowship with Near Now in Nottingham.
Porous Bodies, poster for screening series with Near Now
  More details: 

18 May 2019

Poetry in the Electromagnetic Universe

I'm talking on a panel alongside poet and artist Caspar Heinemann chaired by Dr Zara Dinnen, lecturer in twenty-first century literature at Queen Mary University. The talk will respond to the work of artist Takis, thinking about how artists use technology now.

Electromagnetic Sphere, Takis, 1979

The talk will take place in the Starr Cinema, Tate Modern
on 4th July 2019 18.30-20.00

info here:

1 May 2019


TBT I did a solo project at Marian Cramer Project in Amsterdam, October 2018, titled Nuedexta.
Nuedexta, video, Adham Faramawy, 2018
It was comprised of a video short, sculpture and a series of framed collage works. This is a section of the accompanying text:

"Adham uses a series of collage and layering techniques dislodging images from their surfaces, using these devices to confront the construction of desire, the failure of affect and dysmorphic relationships to body image corresponding to... and marking an overlap (with) the marketing of medical products and procedures and cosmetics.

Through video and collage works, performances of vitality collapse into an oily, itching, aching skin-hunger, frustrated by ruptures in the surface of the image, giving way to an ecstatic, orgiastic metamorphosis of bodies, materials and products."

Tamar (her crown leaks sweet juices), collage, dimensions variable, Adham Faramawy, 2018

Pomona, collage, dimensions variable, Adham Faramawy, 2018
For more info:

Near Now

I'm currently doing a fellowship with a group called Near Now, based in Nottingham, UK. We'll be producing new work together, most likely performance based.

I'll also be doing some private development work but more details on that soon!!

For more info on Near Now: https://nearnow.org.uk/stories/meet-the-fellows-2018


I've been working on a commission for a group named Collusion based in Cambridge, UK. The piece I made is a 360 dance for camera video, where we allowed the technology to delineate the choreography in order to push at how traditional dance forms like the solo and duet might produce and ratify certain gender roles.

Watch it on your phone or tablet here: 

And remember to move around!