1 February 2016

This Time With FEELing

After my recent residency with Unilever, I'm now doing a residency with Space Studios at The White Building in Hackney Wick, London. 

"The This Time With FEELing residency takes a critical approach to this boundary raiding and questions the commercial drive towards the naturalizing and subsumption of technologies that enable the trading in and simulating of algorithmic emotional capital."

For more information, follow the link:

2 December 2015


I'll be speaking on a panel as part of the Panic! series of events at Goldsmiths University on Wednesday 2nd December, 7pm. The panel will discuss the feasibility of living and working in London as an artist.
Image: London Skyline, courtesy Mark Brearley
The panel moderated by Zoe Williams (journalist/political commentator), will include myself (artist), Dawn Foster (journalist/political commentator), Emma Jackson (lecturer Goldsmiths) and Niru Ratnam (director of Start art fair).

For more information: http://www.createlondon.org/panic/event/london/

1 December 2015


I did this project up now on Ibraaz.org. Cola Revlon Mouthwash (2015) investigates the genealogies and intersections with commercial image making hoping to think about how the strategies used to allow images to migrate across territories affect the ways I perform and mediate myself.

27 October 2015


Curator and writer Francesca Gavin put together an online video program for Kaleidoscope magazine to coincide with their latest issue themed around sex.
Total Flex 2, video and computer program, Adham Faramawy, 2012
Artists include: Arka Group, Adham Faramawy, Richard Kern, Reija Merlainen, Julie Verhoeven, John Walter and Zoe Williams

See the video works here.

24 September 2015


Studio_Leigh commission artists to make functional products to encourage a more varied engagement with art, particularly in the home. The range of works being presented tonight is pretty spectacular. I'm presenting a perfume. 

Hyperreal Flower Blossom, installed at Studio Leigh
Artists involved include: Matt Ager, Aaron Angell, Cecile B. Evans, Harry Burden, Rhys Coren, Nicholas Deshayes, Mark Essen, Adham Faramawy, Ophelia Finke, Joe Frazer, Richard Gasper, Elias Hansen & Blake Hudson, Nicholas Hatfull, Richard Healy, Phillipa Horan, Allison Katz, Andy Mealor, Christian Newby, Laurence Owen, Marco Palmieri, Florence Peake, Mary Ramsden & Joh Robertson, Ariane Schick, Marianne Spurr & France-Lise Macgurn

4 Garden Walk

16 September 2015

Post Rave Sweat Fatigue Workout

I'm leading an exercise class next Wednesday 7-8pm at ICA, London, as part of Wright/Vandame's Fig 2 installation.

It's gonna be a sloppy aerobic dance session sound-tracked by trance music (probably moving into some happy hardcore). It's gonna be a fun hour starting with a dynamic stretch warm up, leading to a mix of very loose aerobic exercise and dance, taking cue from early morning rave workout sessions. The arrangement will be flowing and baggy, focusing on continual motion and pleasure rather than replication forms and shapes. Breaks and hydration are encouraged.

Book here, it's free, pretty much.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Hey. So I was commissioned by Annin Arts to work on a bench for permanent installation in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park near Mile End in East London. I'm excited about working on something that the community there can use, and because it's not so far from my studio. 

If you happen to go to this *incredible* park take a picture on the bench :)

Pictures from Annin Arts Instagram