26 April 2016

Billboard 8171

I've been commissioned to make a work for Billboard 8171, which is on London Bridge Station on the corner of Tooley Street. Watch this space and look below for a video teaser.

A flowing list of flowers ebbs seamlessly into a lover

I collaborated with Caspar Heinemann and Jala Wahid, details below;

‘Waking, I was certain my room was host to a demon; terrified, I watched the remorseless eyes in the half light, till dawn gave me the courage to bolt shivering with fear to my parents’ bed. My father laughed: ‘Don’t be such a pansy, Derek.’’
- Derek Jarman, Modern Nature 

For a one night exhibition at Green Ray, Adham Faramawy, Caspar Heinemann and Jala Wahid are collaborating on a work in response to extracts from Heinemann’s dissertation text titled, ‘FUCKING PANSIES: Queer Poetics, Plant Reproduction, Plant Poetics, Queer Reproduction’.

For more info:

24 March 2016

These are the three print works that are included in the exhibition titled The Green Ray, on show at Wilkinson Gallery in London until 10th April 2016.

On my way to where the air is sweet, framed print, 100 x 66cm
Adham Faramawy, 2016
Wet Sunset (A-Okay), framed print, 100 x 66cm
Adham Faramawy, 2016
Sweepin' the clouds away, framed print, 100 x 66cm
Adham Faramawy, 2016

I have a computer program available for download too and click to enter the site for more information:

12 March 2016

Trading Places

As part of a project called Trading Places (named after the Eddie Murphy movie!) I was commissioned by Create to make an advert for a Tower Hamlets based business, to go up as a building hoarding on a site that's being redeveloped by British Land. 

The project is about the tensions arising as the City encroaches on its much less affluent, much more residential neighbouring borough.

The project was a little fraught but has no been installed on Norton Folgate, between Bishopsgate and Shoreditch High Street, opposit Broadgate Tower.

The piece advertises a 3D printed jewelery company called Wonderluk and explores the use of digital images in setting up hoardings as propositions embedded with the implicit threat of the dislocation of communities.

The advert hangs between works by artists Gillian Wearing and Peter Liversidge. View the works below or onsite.

Sakura wears Kaleidoscope bracelet by Wonderluk

This Time With FEELing

The second of the winter residencies comes to a close this week with an exhibition in the residency studio at The White Building in Hackney Wick. 
I just don't like you, video 3 minutes 2 seconds looped,
custom iMac and shelf, adhesive vinyl sticker, 244cm x 260cm,
Adham Faramawy, 2016
This Time With FEELing
The White Building
11/03/2016 - 20/03/2016

12pm - 6pm daily

Artists included in this 'cycle' are:
Adham Faramawy, Sophie Hoyle, Fleur Melbourn, Holly White

26 February 2016

Wilkinson Gallery

I'm included in a group show called The Green Ray, curated by Andrew Hunt taking place at Wilkinson Gallery. 

Artists included are: Danai Anesiadou, Anna Bariball, Ant Farm, Juliette Bonneviot, Matt Copson, Phil Coy, Jeffrey Dennis, Adham Faramawy, Travis Jeppesen, Nicholas Mangan, Xavier Mary, Mike Nelson, Lisa Oppenheim, Daniel O'Sullivan (Sunn O))) / Ulver), Katrina Palmer, Yuri Pattison, Elizabeth Price, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Matthew Sawyer, and Michelle Ussher

Follow the link for more information and to download my computer program Liquid Sunset:

18 February 2016

This Feels Awesome

Here's a pic of some photocollages I did for Royal Academy Editions. They're hung in the Shenkman Bar in the basement of the Keeper's House at the RA. 

Take a look if you're nearby :)

This feels awesome 1, 2, 3, 63.5x42.5cm, Adham Faramawy, 2016
For more information: