26 April 2016

A flowing list of flowers ebbs seamlessly into a lover

I collaborated with Caspar Heinemann and Jala Wahid, details below;

‘Waking, I was certain my room was host to a demon; terrified, I watched the remorseless eyes in the half light, till dawn gave me the courage to bolt shivering with fear to my parents’ bed. My father laughed: ‘Don’t be such a pansy, Derek.’’
- Derek Jarman, Modern Nature 

For a one night exhibition at Green Ray, Adham Faramawy, Caspar Heinemann and Jala Wahid are collaborating on a work in response to extracts from Heinemann’s dissertation text titled, ‘FUCKING PANSIES: Queer Poetics, Plant Reproduction, Plant Poetics, Queer Reproduction’.

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