4 May 2009


Introduction to the video work Time Wave Zero, an exploration of concepts surrounding non-linear time. The title is taken from a computer programme written by theorist Terrence McKenna. McKenna believes that time is speeding up and repeating, and that this repetition is also speeding up exponentially towards a singularity at the end of time, located in 2012, which also happens to be the end of the Mayan calendar. I tied his concepts to those of film maker Maya Deren, who wrote that with the introduction of commercial air travel, human perception of time and space started to change or fold. I link this to Guy Debord's situationist ideas about the Spectacle, saying that high speed travel and tele-media/communication is the spectacle and that these have evolved into a sense of tele-presence, changing the way that humans perceive and interact with time and space. We believe that time and space are relative but we don’t understand what that relationship means to human perceptual apparatus. It is also important to note that the first three characters in the film are an allegory for the alchemical equation:
Vanity + Progress x Fertility = Acceleration
These ideas are communicated both in the text and the editing, as they speed up until the piece is nothing more than a violent strobe of images and multi-layered rock music, mirroring McKenna’s theory.